Project Management

Ensuring Customers' Needs Are Met At Every Phase of A Project

Our project management philosophy is to provide our project managers with the authority and resources necessary to take care of our customers.

This strategy helps us understand our customers better, be more attentive to their needs, and establish a policy of cooperation to complete projects in the most effective manner. A formal partnering session takes place between AC Technical Systems Ltd project team and the customer prior to the start of a large project to ensure common goals are understood and agreed upon.

Project construction, engineering, contracts and business management areas each include numerous elements that support the client effort. We have regional offices located across the country to provide these services, but in most cases for larger projects, AC Technical Systems Ltd will open an office on-site. This provides our customers with direct communication and management focused solely on their project. From our senior management to our technical employees, AC Technical Systems Ltd has success-oriented and experienced personnel. In addition, we have proven cost and operational controls in place and functioning.




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