Systems Implementation

We Do It Right The First Time

The implementation constitutes the execution phase in the security solution that was created at the analysis and Consultitive stage. The implementation includes choice of products, installation and choice of different security systems, for example, access control, video surveillance, intrusion prevention and fire alarm systems.

The work relating to installation and interconnection of different security systems varies according to the complexity of the design. AC Technical Systems Ltd always manages the work in projects, but certain standardized parts of the installation, for example, electrical work and assembly of equipment, can be outsourced to subcontractors. AC Technical Systems Ltd’s own trained Technicians are deployed in connection with installation of more complicated and high technology security systems.

AC Technical Systems Ltd can integrate existing security systems with new technology to a well functioning and customized complete solution. The customer thereby gains enhanced control over the total security and is not obliged to have contact with a number of different suppliers and technology companies. 




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