IP Based CCTV Systems are the future in security and are the ultimate benefit over analogue systems. IP CCTV Systems offer greater flexibility, better performance and easier installation.

Whilst IP CCTV has been available for around 10 years, it is only in the last few years that the technology has matured, leading to the developments in Megapixel IP. See below for a summary on the benefits of using IP based systems over traditional analogue systems.

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Better Camera Performance
  • Easier System Installation
  • Better System Integration
  • Better Value

AC Technical Systems Ltd. provides the knowledge and experience that few industry participants can approach. Our expertise delivers a new IP-based high security monitoring solution that is now being used across Canada. IP Video allows you to deliver an exceptional video experience to your organization as it is a powerful distribution channel and a game changer for your business. It is currently transforming CCTV surveillance allowing added functionality and a reduction in system cost as well as displaying IP surveillance systems with flexibility, scalability, performance and compatibility.


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